Startup, Scale-up, and Shine with Quality HR

Great ideas need an equally great team to transform the dream into a reality. Startups and small & medium businesses are by nature dynamic and quick-moving in need of a highly productive team aligned with the larger goal of making a meaningful contribution to product design, development, and delivery. Unfortunately, the failure rate amongst startups is very high and one of the main reasons is the lack of workable HR strategy to build and groom a pool of quality manpower required to scale up.

You should have a robust HR strategy to manage manpower, regulatory compliances, and of course cumbersome paper works. A professional full-service HR company, like Innerwork, could help you manage talent pool and keep you future-ready without burdening your bottom-line. In the absence of an emphatic corporate brand, it is challenging to attract the right people for the right role in startups. The 3600 HR solutions keep you away from the hiring, training, retaining, and firing worries and you remain focused on core areas.

HR Firm for Startup! But Why?

Young, enthusiastic and innovative brains in startup space normally lack the skill to handle manpower. It is a fact that HR comes at the bottom of the priority list of startups and the reasons are pretty valid as they remain focused on product development and delivery. Unfortunately, this approach costs them heavily in the long run. No matter the size of your dream startup, you should have a proper HR strategy in place to build a future-ready team of warriors to take your business forward with strong bottom-line.

What to Expect From HR Company

Organizational Design

The journey from dream to reality should be smooth. In this journey, you should pay special attention to designing the organizational structure. A full-service HR company could help you build a lean structure without hurting your bottom-line.

Corporate Branding

The success of your business depends on the quality of manpower required for shaping the idea into a deliverable. However, it is a challenging task to attract quality talents in this corporate brand-sensitive era. The highly professional HR experts of Innerwork work dedicatedly to build your corporate identity from scratch and establish you as a serious player in the specific industry category.

Recruitment, Verification, Retention and Lay-off Support

Your dynamic workstation requires a hyperdynamic talent management model. Our experts could help you build a robust system to hire the right people for the right job in the quickest possible time. We help you build a smooth selection and on-boarding process. With us, you are free of your job ad, candidate searching and filtering, interviewing, and on-boarding worries. You won’t have to worry about paperwork and regulatory compliances. We look beyond vacancy filing and work to build a highly productive result-oriented team. We know how to get rid of non-performers. We help you;

  • Customize offer letters
  • Determine compensation
  • Build a workable payroll system
  • Verify candidate credentials
  • Design equity paperwork
  • Write employment agreements

Regulatory Compliance Support

The business space isn’t smooth as you have to be strong on your paper works according to regulatory standards be it the labor laws, health, and safety standards. The highly experienced team of Innerwork will help you build a compliant business, effortlessly.

Compensation & Payroll Support

Startups normally face a high attrition rate because of ambiguous compensation and benefits structure. Our HR experts will help you design a competitive compensation and benefits structure so that you could retain your valuable assets for a longer period. We help you;

  • Determine competitive pay structure
  • Design startup focused attractive benefit structure
  • Build a workable payroll management system

Work Culture Support

The job culture is changing fast and your startup should look beyond the traditional work model and be in sync with the contemporary realities of behavioral shift. We look beyond the normal crisis management approach and focus on building a competitive work ecosystem where talents could find optimum nourishment to flourish.

Training & Learning Support

Just like an individual, only those companies rise and shine which shows passion for learning. In this hyper-competitive landscape, the health of your bottom-line depends on the effectiveness of your training process. Highly qualified HR professionals of Innerwork could help you design and develop a dynamic training module aligned with the performance matrix.

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