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In this hyper-competitive job market, when companies are struggling to hire trained professionals for positions of responsibility, an internship program is of great value for both candidates and companies. It is a fact that there is a huge gap between campus and career. A well-structured internship program could be of great help in filling the gap and make your industry fit.

A focused internship program could make you industry fit and grab the most suitable job at the start of your career. Innerwork, a reputed HR and IT service provider with a vast network of companies offers you highly professional internship program to equip you with most sought after skills. You can join highly customized training programs, spanning 35 to 180 days, covering HR, IT and Digital Marketing industry and get a certificate from established industry bodies.

Visualizing the time constraints of aspirants, Innerwork offers customized internship programs, available both online and offline. We provide both paid and an unpaid internship with the opportunity to earn stipend between INR 5000 to 8000 per month.

On completion of the internship program, you will be industry ready with requisite certification to grab jobs with handsome packages in a range of INR 2 to 3 lac. The internship program is open for all B.A, B Com., BCA, B Tech, MBA graduates with a passion for learning and being fit for the specific industry. If you are still on campus and want to have a great career from the beginning, then join the Innerwork Internship program be industry-ready from day one.

Be the Best Fit with Internship

For companies, it is an experience that matters most when it comes to building the talent pool for current and future requirements. The internship is the best possible to have requisite industry-specific expertise to start the career. Join an internship program and be the fit case for hiring as it helps you in several ways:

Boost of Experience

Career path is beyond classroom learning. An internship gives you an invaluable edge of experience to start a career on the front foot. During the internship, you apply acquired knowledge in practical set up and learn about real-life challenges. You learn about the much-needed communication, operational, leadership and team skills.

Freedom to Explore

Life is all about changes. Internship helps you explore career-related opportunities and realign goals as per learning experience. With time you gain confidence and make the big leap when the time comes.

Competitive Edge

Industry-specific internship prepares you to be the fit case for the industry. This fitness edge helps you stand out in a crowded space. With internship certification, you offer more than expectations, so you win the game smoothly.

Learn and Sharpen Skills

In real life set up of internship, you get to know about weaknesses and strengths. You supervisor or guide will share feedback and train you to focus on enhancing usable skills. You will learn about skill alignment and ways to rectify errors.

Opportunity to Learn and Earn

Internship equips you with the financial management skills as you could earn and learn to value your time efficiently. Success is not just about hard work but smart work with best returns on time and energy invested.

Network Building

In professional life, your network and relationship make a huge difference in career progression. During the internship, you get the opportunity to build a strong network of professionals. You learn relationship-building skills, which are of great value in the career path.

Confidence Building

Exposure to real working life and learning helps you gain confidence. You test your specific skills and enter the professional world with a big confidence boost.

Smooth Onboarding

By the time you finish your internship program, you could get an excellent great start in a company of reputation with an equally great package. If you could leave an impression, you might be in the professional league from day one.

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