Bridging Aspiration to Position Gap

We at Innerwork strive to understand the inner dynamics and offer custom HR solutions to improve the competitiveness of companies we serve. All our services are uniquely designed to meet the requirements of customers and help them succeed by aligning them with the dynamism of the job market. With the focus of building a strong “Trust Bridge”, we offer flexible, workable, and affordable manpower solutions to companies of all sizes, type, and scale.



We believe it is manpower that takes any company to greater heights. Our experienced recruiters understand talent acquisition, on-boarding, and retention challenges and accordingly offers full-service custom solutions to resolve all staffing needs, talent management, payroll outsourcing, and talent development needs. The recruitment process outsourcing service of Innerwork helps you acquire quality talent and save time, energy, and money. Quality talents give you a competitive edge over the competition, and we help you develop innovative sourcing and attraction strategies to have that advantage. Just highlight your need, and we have the talent pool to help you take your company forward.

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Temporary Staffing

Visualizing the dynamic shift in talent need and job behaviour, Innerwork Solution brings to you the innovative temporary staffing solutions to acquire quality talent effectively to meet your short-term requirement. You get quick access to a pool of well-qualified manpower for short-term assignments and high seasonal demands. We help you get the right talent for the right position in real-time so that you could take your business forward in competitive space efficiently. This temporary staffing solution gives all types of businesses the much-needed flexibility to strategically position the business according to changing business dynamics.


Permanent Staffing

We offer highly acclaimed permanent staffing solutions to find suitable leaders aligned with your long-term business goals. We have the requisite industry-wide expertise, network, and research capability to help businesses enhance competitiveness to attract quality talents effectively. The deep understanding of global business leadership trends and labour issues equips us to find suitable leaders for all verticals. Quality leadership is always in shortage, and we help you find the best to take your company forward. Matching the right leader for the right business is our core competency. Our meticulously designed recruitment process and advance assessment techniques make us one of the most trusted permanent staff search partners in India.

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Contract Staffing

Your talent pool is the key differentiators in this era of intense competition. Your readiness to adapt to changing dynamics in the uncertain world makes all the difference. Out cost-effective, flexible, and scalable contract staffing solution equips you to mould your business strategically according to contemporary trends. Our expertise in sourcing and delivery of quality contact manpower gives businesses sustained competitive edge. We take care of all your staffing worries to help you focus more on core business. This custom made contract staffing solution enables you to meet specific business objectives with a desirable degree of control.

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Background Verification

The ‘aspiration to position’ mismatch is the biggest challenge for companies of all sizes and types. We have developed a very robust system, driven by human approach with tech inputs, to verify the background of job seekers. Our expert job consultants are well equipped with skills and tools to provide you with all possible details of a candidate in the quickest possible time. Our smooth background verification process helps businesses find quality talent and cut hiring costs drastically. The quality background check helps you cut the attrition rate.

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Payroll Management

The work-happiness of any organization depends on the effectiveness of the timely payment of wages to employees. Our simple and smooth payment management solution helps businesses streamline and automate the salary and wages payment process. The payroll process isn’t just calculating wages; our payroll experts help you take care of all worries like leave, accruals, travel expenses, and other components in compliance with the regulatory frameworks. Our professionals are well qualified to help you design a smart payroll system according to changing regulatory requirements. Our payroll outsourcing solution is highly effective in terms of cost and quality.

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Training and Skill Development

The success of the organization depends not just on hiring quality talents but equipping them with the skills required to make the business future-ready. Our team of experts works with you to design a unique and engaging skill development program to keep employees in action mode. We have evolved a highly flexible training module to help businesses transform the average manpower into an agile workforce. Our module is focused on sustained learning with working, so the workforce finds it highly beneficial for their career advancement. We provide career management solutions to strengthen the value system, which results in enhanced productivity. Our experts help you build a perfect ecosystem to assess potential leaders and groom them for future challenges.

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Psychometric Analysis & Assessment

The success of your organization depends on the quality of your manpower. Everyone is unique and significant in one way or the other. Still, it is the suitability and the aligning of the talent with your organization that makes the manpower a real asset in the long-run. We have a very robust system of scientific psychometric analysis to measure the behavioural traits and mental capabilities of an individual, to help you find matching talents. We use advanced tools to define particular characteristics and aptitude required for a specific role and accordingly filter candidates to find the perfect aspiration to position match.

We have designed a unique talent assessment system to evaluate a particular candidate on parameters like agreeableness, openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, experience, motivation, critical thinking, situational understanding, information processing, and of course the cultural fitness. You get what you want based on these parameters.

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Internal Mapping

Business is all about the visionary approach of ‘present continuous’ to ‘future perfect’. This becomes possible only when you groom your talent and make them future-ready, and for that, you require a robust human resource strategic planning. We offer a meticulously designed system of internal talent mapping to help companies assess, evaluate, and review manpower. We help you bring an element of balance between the present and future through the internal talent mapping system.

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Resume Writing

Our experience suggests that more than 90% of resumes are confusing in nature as candidates fail to express their qualities eloquently. This leads to a total wastage of time and energy for both candidates and companies. We have a team of experts to help candidates create a perfect profile to achieve a high conversion rate and be in the right place and position. It is catastrophic to undermine the importance of a quality resume in your career progression. Our recruiters are experts in visualizing suitability, so they write a resume to help you get the dream job easily.

We have designed a unique talent assessment system to evaluate a particular candidate on parameters like agreeableness, openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, experience, motivation, critical thinking, situational understanding, information processing, and of course the cultural fitness. You get what you want based on these parameters.

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